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Aerial Silks

Eric & Miyoko 

Inverted Play

We're a boutique studio providing sexy pole fitness, aerial arts, acro partner yoga, restorative yoga, and private lessons, as well as in-studio or in-home romance and pole dancing parties.

Perfect for those who crave a more personal experience. We limit class size so you have enough pole time, and one-on-one instruction to advance quicker.

Many of our pole students are suburban moms and range in age from 20's to 60's. We are a supportive safe place to connect with your feminine power.

What We Do

The facilities...

Our Philosophy and Founder

LOVE YOURSELF! By allowing the body to be present, we learn to appreciate what is now. Not what is to come, nor what we could be... but who were are at this very moment.

Miyoko is a former feature entertainer who performed all around the world as a pole dancer. She understands the philosophy of striptease and how it relates to our lives as women, making her the perfect teacher. She is warm and inviting, never intimidating or critical.

Our Amazing teachers

We have three 11.5ft static/spinning poles, 2 silks, 2 lyra, and allow up to 10  ladies per class.  Average class size is 5-8; however, so there's plenty of pole time and one on one instruction!


Who we are...